Looking For An IT Expert Who Ensures Your Computerized Manufacturing Equipment Functions at Peak Performance?  Look No Further Than Delphi Systems.

Manufacturing companies in and around Lethbridge operate in one of the most competitive, highly specialized industries in the world. Success in manufacturing requires top-performing technologies and computerized equipment that deliver on time-to-market. This is why the manufacturing industry in Lethbridge turns to Delphi Systems to provide the IT Support and Service they can rely on.

The Manufacturing IT Experts at Delphi Systems support software solutions such as FlowMaster WaterJet, and many others. WaterJet, CNC and Plasma Cutters are highly computerized pieces of equipment that require as much IT support as your typical desktop PC. Only an experienced and knowledgeable IT Provider like Delphi Systems can ensure your equipment functions at peak performance.

Plus we provide the ERP Solutions you need to manage your:

  • Scheduling
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Delivery
  • Billing

You will have a trusted technology company who understands the obstacles you face.  Our Manufacturing IT Experts are ready to provide the specialized and customized IT Service and Support you need to succeed.   For more information, or for a no-cost technology assessment, call Delphi Systems at (403) 380-3343 or email us at info@delphisystems.ca.