Delphi Systems Provides IT Services, Computer Networking and Tech Support For The Southern Alberta Oil Patch.

The oil and gas industry in Southern Alberta is growing rapidly. To compete in this industry, you need reliable, secure, cost-effective technology that improves your operational efficiencies and productivity.

You also need the support of an experienced IT Consulting Company in Lethbridge, AB.  An IT Consulting firm who has in-depth knowledge of the energy market and understands oil and gas companies from the head office to each field location.

Not an energy producer?  We also work with businesses who support the Oil Patch here in Alberta:

  • Pipeline Companies
  • Trucking Companies
  • Oil Well Services Companies

Delphi Systems will optimize and support your field and remote office technology solutions and provide a wealth of information on the right communication strategy.  You will have a technology services company providing reliability, accessibility, security, and value you require.

Our team of Oil and Gas IT professionals will provide:

  • Battery, Gas Plant and Remote Office Field Support.
  • Improved Internet access, cellular and satellite services that allow for real-time communications and data transfers to and from corporate headquarters in Calgary.
  • Field Data Capture system configurations.

With peak-performing technology supported by Delphi Systems your Alberta oil or gas company will benefit from:

  • Your Technology Solutions will be supported by Southern Alberta’s most experienced IT consulting company.
  • Field Support for your field data capture systems and other field Oil and Gas applications.
  • Security of your network, hardware, servers, desktops, notebooks, mobile devices and your data.
  • The ability to safely store and transfer massive amounts of data using reliable communication services.

 To learn more, or to schedule a no-obligation, complimentary IT support, call our Oil & Gas IT Experts at  (403) 380-3343 or send us an email at: