With Remote Network Monitoring From Delphi Systems, You Can Sleep Peacefully Knowing Your Technology Will Be Up and Running In The Morning.

Delphi Systems has partnered with GFI MAX (an industry leader) to offer a proactive, around-the-clock, Remote Network Monitoring Service. You won’t even know that it’s there when you’re working, and you can be assured that it is when you sleep. 

Our technicians keep a watchful eye on your technology, 24/7.  They can quickly identify issues, and resolve them to prevent IT interruptions or downtimes. Give us a quick call at (403) 380-3343 to learn more.  Or send us an email info@delphisystems.ca.  We’ll get right back to you.  

With or Remote Network Monitoring, if you have any concerns you can contact our technicians automatically, via phone or email—Making this a true 24/7 monitoring and alerting system.

With Remote Network Monitoring From Delphi Systems, Your Business Will Benefit From:

  • Improved reliability, security, and longevity for your IT assets.
  • Real-time Troubleshooting to prevent downtimes and interruptions.
  • Ongoing Patch Management to keep viruses from harming your technology.
  • Real-Time Reports so you’re always aware about the health of your network.
  • Healthy, Peak-Performing Technology.

No more worries about your IT system.  It will be there when you need it. And we will too! To learn more, or for a complimentary Network Monitoring consult, contact Delphi Systems in Lethbridge at (403) 380-3343 or info@delphisystems.ca.